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How will the post-human, living in pluriversal realities, desire future fashion? We are becoming more and more capable of designing multiple selves in the metaverse. Instead of having your body adorned with gorgeous clothes created by a single genius designer, everyone can express themselves in virtual space and customize their own skin. A new era, in which anyone can become a designer in virtual space, is just around the corner. What is "me" in virtual space? From individuals to dividuals. Physical space and virtual space; the consciousness of these two spaces fused together. To arise variants and anomalies. Algorithms and data fused into our bodies and consciousness. From Web2.0 to Web3. A plastic body that can be transformed into any shape without physical limitations. The ghosts that are contained in the shell. Cyberpunk, Ecopunk, Cryptopunk. Hybrid, Cyborg, Posthuman bodies… WORTH is a new platform service inspired by cryptos and the metaverse. We aim to overthrow the outdated prêt-à-porter culture as our ultimate goal is to put the creativity of fashion back into people's hands. That is why we named our service after Charles Frederick Worth, the inventor of the modern fashion culture "Haute Couture".


WORTH is a fashion platform for customizing your digital self and virtual skin in the metaverse.



Make; design your digi-couture

Customize your digital couture with our own uniquely developed 3D visualization interface. Here, it is completely up to you to determine how to enrich your fashion life in virtual space. Fitting the garment to your body perfectly is possible, whether the avatar be a frog, a bear, or even a pegasus. Furthermore, the customized garments can not only be downloaded as data for the metaverses, but can also be sent to factories for on-demand production as tangibles. Digital couture is a radical update of 19thcentury haute couture. WORTH is not just a service for tailoring clothing. It also extends your creativity to design your own digital identity.



Play; diegetic collection for the metaverse

By limiting production and consumption to pure data as much as possible, we prevent the overuse of materials and energy. Screenware generated in the most ecological method will connect you to the metaverse (and at times even to the streets in physical world). Graphics generated by machine learning algorithms will color your clothes and free you from the gravity of reality. The speculative fiction behind these garments also hold the power to drive the creative force of fashion. The imaginary wardrobe similar to ones in science fiction tales, is an alternative way to enjoy and play with fashion. This new form of fashion by WORTH is possible because of this mixed reality.



Drop; decentralized fashion distribution

The NFT issued on the blockchain ensures that your digital couture is completely and entirely unique. Whether it be digital data or in physical form, the NFT will ensure that it is uniquely defined and cannot be copied. This means not only clarifying your ownership but also increasing the transparency of the contexts behind the product. WORTH will contribute to the transparent creation, open and decentralized fashion market.



Synflux is a speculative fashion laboratory of fashion designers, machine learning engineers, web designers, design researchers, architects and service designers. We work as a contemplative design collective that crosses over seemingly conflicting concepts of research and practice, expression and implementation, prototyping and contemplation, and technology and craft to create the fashion of the next generation. With the transformation to a sustainable industry and an increasingly demanding digital shift, the fashion landscape is changing at an accelerated pace, and Synflux is working with a diverse range of designers, artists, engineers, research We will develop comprehensive and interdisciplinary projects, involving professionals and companies, to portray and realize an alternative clothing lifestyle.


World Wide Webhttps://synflux.io

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    Creative Director
    Kazuya Kawasaki (Synflux)
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    Design Director
    Kotaro Sano (Synflux)
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    Technical Director
    Hiroki Okamoto (Synflux)
  4. D.
    Art Director
    Jin Okuma (Synflux/OKUMA)
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    Web Front-End Developer
    Keita Yamada
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    Web Technical Director
    Atsuya Kobayashi (Synflux)
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    Web Director
    Jin Okuma (OKUMA)
  8. Web Designer
  9. Graphic Designer
  10. Logo Designer
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    Tomoya Shirei